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Are you Afraid of Cosmetic Surgery for Fat Removal?

Woman With Sculpted Body Walking Along Beach San Francisco, CA

Patients at the San Francisco Cosmetic Laser Institute often share concerns about undergoing cosmetic surgery. Dr. Ransom understands that fear of surgery is a stumbling block for many of his patients. The good news is, there is a non-invasive treatment option that effectively removes fat without the need for surgery.

SculpSure is a game changer when it comes to advanced body contouring methods. For a more comfortable experience than cosmetic surgery, SculpSure is the ideal treatment option for removing stubborn fat. You won’t have to endure surgery, or the pain associated with surgical procedures.

Single Appointment

In a single in-office appointment, lasting 25 minutes, you can achieve a 25% reduction in fat. This treatment is both effective and convenient by eliminating downtime. If you struggle to find the time for fat removal treatment, SculpSure may be the perfect solution. Although the procedure uses laser technology to heat up fat cells, you will not experience any pain. The process slowly heats up fat cells, which are then naturally absorbed.

Significant results are typically achieved within 12 weeks; however, some patients report an ideal outcome within as few as six weeks. This type of treatment is ideal for patients who struggle to drop weight. You will look and feel like a completely different person with the advanced SculpSure procedure.

Do You Have Questions About SculpSure?

If you have questions or concerns about SculpSure, Dr. Ransom of the San Francisco Cosmetic Laser Institute can provide the answers. The best way to learn more about SculpSure is by booking a consultation at our San Francisco offices.

Are you self-conscious about your weight? Call today for an appointment with Dr. Ransom. At the San Francisco Cosmetic Laser Institute, we are passionate about helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

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